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Thursday, December 30, 2010


As you move your cursor you can see the whole cockpit from top to bottom.
You can even zoom on the dash.
Most panoramas are of landscapes.

This 360-degree panorama unlike any other.. It's a picture of an Airbus A380's cockpit.
Be sure to go to full screen.


Panorama photographs are becoming increasingly popular on the Net. That's because software is making it easier than ever to create them. 
The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger airliner in the world. It can seat more than 850 people. Only a couple of the planes are in service. So, you'll probably have to wait for your first ride. Until then, check out its state-of-the-art controls.

Crazy ride 909 ft above the ground

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This is one of the rides on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. 909 ft above the ground hanging over the edge of the tower. CRAZY!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quote of the Day ...

Before sex, you help each other get naked.


After sex, you only dress yourself.


The moral of the story:

In life, no one helps you once you've been fucked !

How to speak "womeneese"


I get on extremely well with the lesbians next door..

They asked me what I would like for my birthday.

I was stunned when they gave me a Rolex.

It was very nice of them, but I think they misunderstood me when I said, "I wanna watch."


Why is it when your wife becomes pregnant, all her female friends rub her tummy and say "congratulations"

but none of them rub your d1ck and say "well done"?


Honestly some folk will take offence at anything.

I met a bloke with no legs this morning while at the bus stop and all I asked was  "How are you getting on?"


Paddy was in the delivery room when the midwife handed him a black baby "Is this yours?" she asked.

"Probably." said Paddy "She burns everything else!"


My missus has just gone into hospital with two black eyes and a broken jaw.

It seems we were on different wavelengths when she said she wanted decking on the patio.


Sex therapist claim that the most effective way to arouse your man is to spend 10 minutes licking his ears!! Personally I think its bollocks!!


They reckon that Beer contains female hormones and I think they are right.

After 8 pints I talk shit and can't drive!


Whats the difference between Basil Brush and a Terrorist with a rucksack?

The Terrorist with a rucksack only goes "Boom" once.


Vicar booking into a hotel asks the receptionist "Is the Porn channel in my room disabled?"

"No," she replies "it's just regular porn you sick bastard."


A mate of mine has just told me he's shagging his girlfriend and her twin.

I said "How can you tell them apart?" He said "Her brother's got a moustache!"


A biker goes to the doctor with hearing problems.

"Can you describe the symptoms to me?" asked the doctor.

"Yes. Homer is a fat yellow lazy bastard and Marge is a skinny bird with big blue hair."
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Susto en el Cementerio

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Friday, December 24, 2010



ECGMA says: She's a Goddess!
Four Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee in St.Peters Square .

The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room,

everyone calls him 'Father'."

The second Catholic man chirps, "My son is a Bishop.  When he walks into a room

people call him 'Your Grace'."

The third Catholic gent says, "My son is a Cardinal.  When he enters a room

everyone bows their head and says 'Your Eminence'."

The fourth Catholic man says very proudly, "My son is the Pope.  

When he walks into a room people call him 'Your Holiness'."

Since the lone Catholic woman was sipping her coffee in silence,

the four men give her a subtle, "Well ........?"
She proudly replies, "I have a daughter,



38" DD bust,

24" waist and

34" hips.

When she walks into a room, everybody says, "Oh My God."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fisherman's photo catch of the day - a dolphin frolicking in the air at Coffs Harbour

Fisherman's photo catch of the day - a dolphin frolicking in the air at Coffs Harbour


A dolphin frolicking in the air ... was taken just south of Split Solitary Island off Coffs Harbour on Saturday. Picture: Matt Deans Source: Supplied

IT'S the one-in-a-million shot some people spend years trying to capture.

Fisherman and photographer Matt Deans wasn't even thinking about picking up a camera until moments before this dolphin leapt from the water beside his boat on Saturday.

He was motoring back from an unsuccessful day's fishing with his father and cousin when they saw the lone mammal 5km off Coffs Harbour.

The 29-year-old grabbed a battered old point-and-shoot camera he keeps on the boat to take fishing photos.

"It was just one of those magic moments when all the elements combined," he said yesterday.

"I saw it and said 'Just cut the motor back a sec, we have a dolphin here'. Then as soon as we cut the outboard back, it let fly."

Breaching the ocean's calm surface, the dolphin arced high in the air before splashing down and disappearing underwater.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TAC Campaign - 20 year Anniversary retrospective montage "Everybody Hurt...

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On December 10th 1989 the first TAC commercial went to air. In that year the road toll was 776; by last year 2008 it had fallen to 303.
A five minute retrospective of the road safety campaigns produced by the TAC over the last 20 years has been compiled. The montage features iconic scenes and images from commercials that have helped change they way we drive, all edited to the moving song Everybody Hurts by REM.

This campaign is a chance to revisit some of the images that have been engraved on our memories, remember the many thousands of people who have been affected by road trauma and remind us all that for everyones sake; please, drive safely.
Transport Accident Commission Victoria.
"Copyright in the material on this website is owned by the TAC and may only be used for non-commercial personal or educational purposes. You may not modify, transmit or revise the contents of this website without the prior written permission of the TAC."

Monday, December 20, 2010

Japanese Girl Amazing Dancing(日本女子超強機械舞人間章魚)

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Christian the lion

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Friday, December 17, 2010


By the time you read through this you will understand "TANJOOBERRYMUTTS".....and be ready for China.
Now, here goes...

The following is a telephonic exchange between maybe you as a hotel guest and room-service in China......

Room Service : "Morrin. Roon sirbees."

Guest: "Sorry, I thought I dialed room-service."

Room Service: " Rye, Roon sirbees...morrin! Joowish to oddor sunteen???"

Guest: "Uh..... Yes, I'd like to order bacon and eggs."

Room Service: "Ow ulai den?"

Guest: ".....What??"

Room Service: "Ow ulai den?!?... Pryed, boyud, pochd?"

Guest: "Oh, the eggs! How do I like them? Sorry.. Scrambled, please."

Room Service: "Ow ulai dee bayken ? Creepse?"

Guest: "Crisp will be fine."

Room Service: "Hokay. An sahn toes?"

Guest: "What?"

Room Service: "An toes. ulai sahn toes?"

Guest: "I.... Don't think so.."

RoomService: "No? Udo wan sahn toes???"

Guest: "I feel really bad about this, but I don't know what 'udo wan sahn toes' means."

RoomService: "Toes! Toes!...Why Uoo don wan toes? Ow bow Anglish moppin we botter?"

Guest: "Oh, English muffin! !! I've got it! You were saying 'toast'...

Fine...Yes, an English muffin will be fine."

RoomService: "We botter?"

Guest: "No, just put the botter on the side."

RoomService: "Wad?!?"

Guest: "I mean butter... Just put the butter on the side."

RoomService: "Copy?"

Guest: "Excuse me?"

RoomService: "Copy...tea..meel?"

Guest: "Yes. Coffee, please... And that's everything."

RoomService: "One Minnie. Scramah egg, creepse bayken , Anglish moppin, we botter on sigh and copy ... Rye ??"

Guest: "Whatever you say."

RoomService: "Tanjooberrymutts."

Guest: "You're welcome"

Remember I said "By the time you read through this YOU WILL UNDERSTAND 'TANJOOBERRYMUTTS'  ...... and you do, don't you!
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Electronic Pick Pocketing WREG News Channel 3

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Contactless credit card skimming a real danger. Another news report where Identity Stronghold shows how easy it is to scan or skim all credit card data without touching you. The RFID chips make the card vulnerable

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sexual harassment (in office)

Every day, a male co-worker walks up very close to a lady at the coffee machine,
inhaled a big breath of air, and tells her that her hair smells nice.
After a week of this, she can't stand it anymore, takes her complaint to a Supervisor in the Human Resources department & asks to file a sexual harassment grievance against him. 
The Human Resources supervisor is puzzled, and asks:
"What's sexually threatening about a co-worker telling you your hair smells nice?" 
The woman replies, "Its Keith. The midget."
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Monday, December 6, 2010

5 Riddles.....take up this challenge

ECGMA says: Doug Irwin, my friend from Adelaide, South Australia is banned from taking this challenge! Why? He was the one who posed this to me and some others! Write to me for the answers either via the blog or email (those who know me have my email).

5 Riddles




The 5 Riddles....


1. A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?




2. A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?




3. What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?




4. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday?




5. This is an unusual paragraph.  I'm curious as to just how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it.  It looks so ordinary and plain that you would think nothing was wrong with it.  In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is highly unusual though.  Study it and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd.  But if you work at it a bit, you might find out. Try to do so without any coaching!


Copy and Paste, or click the link

Point your mouse on a city of your choice marked with red dot anywhere in the world map and the newspaper headlines of that city will pop-up. 
You can click on the map and drag the map to move around to access the city of your choice

Then you may Double click and the page will get larger for better reading.
Read newspaper front pages of cities of USA, North America, Asia, Caribbean, Europe,  Middle East, Oceania, South America, Africa.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sex workers are HUman beings too

Sex workers are HUman beings too
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Student driver awaits trial for intentional murder

ECGMA says: Executioner's mind should also go blank & hang the bastard!

Student driver awaits trial for intentional murder
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Online fury at another tale of privileged youth

ECGMA says: My verdict - Death Penalty, case closed!

Online fury at another tale of privileged youth
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Rewrite Your History - How To Change Your Past So You Can Live Fully In The Present

Rewrite Your History - How To Change Your Past So You Can Live Fully In The Present

By Jennifer Ryan, M.Ed.

As I fumbled through some old files this evening, cleaning up my home office, I ran across a journal of quotes I'd started in 1994. (Ok, yes, I had quite a stack of books and papers I was going through.) I opened the journal, and right there on the first page was a quote that caught my eye and I knew I had to share it with you. It says:

"Immaturity is allowing someone else to author your history. Maturity is accepting the authorship of your history. You cannot change history, but you can write history." This was a statement made by a professor in my Fall semester of college in 1994 – I was a Junior. I specifically remember this course and especially this professor, Dr. Anderson. As I read the quote, now 13 years later, I'm nostalgic, and am glad I ran across the quote.

So, I ran right into the kitchen where my husband was preparing dinner and was eager to read him this nugget of information – a blast from my past that is just as relevant today as it was then. He was confused. You might be, too. Let me give you my perspective…

What It All Means

Maturity, by definition, means being fully developed in body or mind; we all strive to become mature in our growth. We want to be grounded and centered in our thoughts and in our emotions; we want to feel as if we are somebody and that we've accomplished great things. We envision this coming from a place of maturity… "a time when."

The problem with living in "a time when" is that we fall victim to the stories of our past and the inability to accept what is happening right now. The stories of our past… you grew up in a divorced home, you weren't given the same opportunities as others, or you are the child of an alcoholic. Those are the stories we hold onto. We use them as excuses for who we are, what we're doing, and how we feel. But, that is an immature process.

Create a New Label for Yourself

Maturity means accepting – and I mean really accepting – that your past is yours, and everything in it you created. Yes, you read that right – you created it. And I know this is a hard thing to hear, "What do you mean I CREATED the alcoholic parents I had?" Or, "There is no way I CREATED a childhood like that." Well, no, you didn't create the circumstances of your life (or maybe you did, but that's for another article). But you DID create an emotion and a belief based on that circumstance. From birth through about the age of 18, you were a follower (well, except through the teenage years when most of us rebelled like crazy). But now that you're an adult, you can no longer hang on to the stories of your past, if you want to change your emotions of now.

You see, you can choose to rewrite the stories of your past – your perceptions become your reality. (Instead of, "I'm an adult child of an alcoholic", how about, "I'm an adult child of a loving, caring Mother?" I mean, the reality for all of us is, there ARE positive times that you can draw from in your past – choose to dwell on THOSE and make a new label for yourself.) And when you CHOOSE to see what good came of the situations in your life, then you can move past the emotional upset you have today. It's not the THINGS you're holding on to, it's the emotion. Unfortunately, it's that emotion that is keeping you stuck where you don't want to be – overweight, unsuccessful, broke, sad, irritable, etc.

Immaturity or Maturity?

The choice is yours. Immaturity or maturity? From this day forward, you must decide how you want to live your life – as one who has no control or one who has absolute control over your history, and your future, which will become your new history. If you truly want to move forward, you have to let go of the stories. Letting go is difficult, but it must be done, there is no other way.

I was talking to a colleague today who said he uses the Marine creed with his clients: Improvise, adapt, and then overcome. That is exactly what you must do, but first make the decision. When you are ready to move forward, you will. If you choose to remain stuck, you will. The choice is yours.

Thanks to Dr. Anderson, I learned an important reality on that hot Fall day in 1994, "Immaturity is allowing someone else to author your history. Maturity is accepting the authorship of your history. You cannot change history, but you can write history." Will you choose to write yours?
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Public Net-Toilets & Lost in Translation

ECGMA says: I cannot believe people can be so sensitive, even over the internet. Users should not succumb to obsessive compulsive sensitiveness!
Even in Malaysia, I am forever 'lost with the local translations'!

Zhou fails to amuse with toilet comments

Lost in translation
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fatal mistake


One spelling mistake can destroy your life!

A husband wrote a message to his wife on his official trip and forgot to
'e' at the end of a word...

"I am having such a wonderful time!
Wish you were her..!"


Did You Know?

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Golf Ball Hitting Steel At 150mph

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What's Your Name?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do NOT try to outsmart Dad

A teenage boy had just passed his driving test and inquired of his father as to when they could discuss his use of the car.
His father said he'd make a deal with his son: 'You bring your grades up from a C to a B average, study your Bible a little, and get your hair
cut. Then we'll talk about the car.'

The boy thought about that for a moment, decided he'd settle for the offer, and they agreed on it.

After about six weeks his father said, 'Son, you've brought your grades up and I've observed that you have been studying your Bible, but I'm
disappointed you haven't had your hair cut.

The boy said, 'You know, Dad, I've been thinking about that, and I've noticed in my studies of the Bible that Samson had long hair, John the Baptist had long hair, Moses had long hair...and there's even strong evidence that Jesus had long hair.'

Your going to love the Dad's reply:

To this his father replied

'Did you also notice they walked everywhere they went?'

Ark Hotel Construction time lapse building 15 storeys in 2 days

Level 9 Earthquake Resistance: diagonal bracing structure, light weight, steel construction, passed level 9 earthquake resistance testing 6x Less Material: even though the construction materials are much lighter(250kg/m2) than the traditional materials(over 1500kg/m2), the floors and walls are solid with surefootedness, airtight and sound-proofing 5x Energy Efficient: 150mm thermal insulation for walls and roofs, triple glazed plastic windows, external solar shading, heat insulation, fresh air heat recovery, LED lighting, yearly HAVC A/C energy consumption equivalent to 7 liters oil.
20x Purification: after 3 levels of purification, the purification efficiency for fresh air reaches 95%-99.9%; air exchanged 1-2.5 times per hour, and indoor air is 20x cleaner than out door air 1% Construction Waste: all components are factory made, construction waste, mainly package materials, result from on site set-up only and amount to 1% of the total weight of the building.
This is the first building in human history which combines almost all environmental friendly, comfortable and secure elements. So, we call it:
Sustainable Building

Yahoo! News — “A construction crew in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha has completed a 15-story hotel in just 6 days. The work crew erected the hotel — a soundproofed, thermal-insulated structure reportedly built to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake — with all prefabricated materials. In other words, a crew of off-site factory workers built the sections, and their on-site counterparts arranged them on the foundation for the Ark Hotel project.
Despite the frenetic pace of construction, no workers were injured — and thanks to the prefab nature of the process, the builders wasted very few construction materials. Above is a time-lapse video that shows the hotel being built from the ground up in less than a week.”
HT: My co-author Seyed Mehdian, who asks “Would this have been possible under central planning and communism?”

How to Be a Real Man

How to Be a Real Man

By an eHow Contributing Writer

Too often the depiction of a real man is one who bullies others, is opinionated, harsh and tough. But the overwhelming consensus is that this portrayal is actually less like a real man than many think. A real man doesn't use his fists or strength to define himself as such. A man should have the following qualities to be classified as a real man.

Difficulty: Moderate


Treat women with respect.
A real man doesn't abuse a woman physically or mentally. Same goes with treatment of children and animals. A real man doesn't need to prove himself by bullying.

Keep yourself well-groomed and physically fit.
A real man keeps his hair neat and nails trimmed. A real man also stays in good physical shape.

Make your own fortune.
A real man does not accept handouts or charity. He works hard to support himself and his family. If family money comes to him, a real man finds a way to increase that fortune not squander it.

Stay true to your word.
A real man knows that keeping a promise is stronger than physical strength. Keep your word in all matters, business and personal. You will gain the respect a real man warrants.

Show your emotions.
Most studies show women think a man who can as easily cry as laugh and is not afraid to show his emotions not only to her but to the world classifies a man as a real man.

Help with housework.
A real man is not afraid to do laundry or dishes, change a diaper or run a vacuum cleaner.

Tips & Warnings

A real man provides for his family, but not to the point that he is always exhausted and has no time for them. Balance work and family time accordingly.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dr. Adrian Rogers quoted:

"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom.
What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.
You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."

~~~~ Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dolphin and Dog - Let's be Friends

Dolphin and Dog - Let's be Friends

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Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering)

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Liquid Mountaineering is a new sport which is attempting to achieve what man has tried to do for centuries: walk on water. Or to be more precise: running on water. We are developing the sport from scratch. By accident we found out that with the right water repellent equipment you can run across bodies of water, just like a stone skimming the surface.

Liquid mountaineering is performed by professionals under professional supervision. Accordingly I must insist that attempting to do so is dangerous.

We like to thank the people at Hi-Tec for their support.

Bill Cosby- Dentists

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Bill Cosby talks about Dentists. From the 1983 show 'Himself'

Bill Cosby, understanding Southern.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


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Helpful Hubby

Australian Male at his best!

For the 1st time in their 3 year marriage, a wife asked her husband if he would mind making the next day's lunches for them both. Obligingly he agrees.

The next morning, the young wife asks her loving husband, 'Did you make our lunches, honey?'
He replied, 'Yeah babe, they're on the second shelf of the fridge.

Mine's on the left, yours is on the right.'

Friday, November 5, 2010


It was a busy morning, about 8:30, when an elderly‬ gentleman in his 80's arrived to have stitches removed from his thumb.‬ He said he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9:00 am.‬ I took his vital signs and had him take a seat,‬ knowing it would be over an hour‬ before someone would to able to see him.‬

I saw him looking at his watch and‬ decided, since I was not busy with another patient,‬ I would evaluate his wound.‬ On exam, it was well healed, so I talked to one of the‬‪ doctors, got the needed supplies to remove his sutures and redress his wound. While taking care of his wound, I asked him if he‬‪ had another doctor's appointment‬ this morning, as he was in such a hurry.

The gentleman told me no, that he‬ needed to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast‬ with his wife.
I inquired as to her health. He told me that she had been there for a while and that she‬ was a victim of Alzheimer's Disease.

As we talked, I asked if she would be‬‪ upset if he was a bit late. He replied that she no longer knew‬ who he was, that she had not‬ recognized him in five years now.

I was surprised, and asked him,‬‪ 'And you still go every morning, even though she‬ ‪doesn't know who you are?' 
He smiled as he patted my hand and said, 'She doesn't know me, but I still know who she is.'

I had to hold back tears as he left, I had goose bumps‬ on my arm, and thought, 'That is the kind of love I want in my life.' 

True love is neither physical, nor romantic.

True love is an acceptance of all that is,‬ has been, will be, and will not be.

With all the jokes and fun that are in e-mails,‬ sometimes there is one that comes‬ along that has an important message..‬

This one I thought I could share with you.

The happiest people don't necessarily‬ have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

I hope you share this with someone you care about. I just did.

'Life isn't about how to survive the storm,
But how to dance‬ in the rain.'‬

We are all getting Older‬

Tomorrow may be our turn.‬
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There are only nine questions.
This is a quiz for people who know everything!   
I found out in a hurry that I didn't.   
These are not trick questions .   
They are straight questions with straight answers.
No peeking at the answers!!

1. Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends.

2. What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward?

3.. Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons . All other vegetables must be replanted every year.  What are the only two perennial vegetables?

4. What fruit has its seeds on the outside?

5. In many liquor stores, you can buy pear brandy, with a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the bottle is genuine; it hasn't been cut in any way.  How did the pear get inside the bottle?

6. Only three words in standard English begin with the letters ' dw' & they are all common words.  Name two of them.

7. There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar . Can you name at least half of them?

8. Name the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form except fresh.

9. Name 6 or more things that you can wear on your feet beginning with the letter 'S .'

Answers To Quiz:
1... The one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends: Boxing.
2. North American landmark constantly moving backward:   Niagara Falls. (The rim is worn down about two and a half feet each year because of the millions of gallons of water that rush over it every minute.)

3. Only two vegetables that can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons : Asparagus and rhubarb.

4. The fruit with its seeds on the outside: Strawberry.

5. How did the pear get inside the brandy bottle?  It grew inside the bottle. The bottles are placed over pear buds when they are small & are wired in place on the tree. The bottle is left in place for the entire growing season. When the pears are ripe, they are snipped off at the stems.

6. Three English words beginning with dw: Dwarf, dwell and dwindle...

7. Fourteen punctuation marks in English grammar: Period, comma, colon,
semicolon, dash, hyphen, apostrophe, question mark, exclamation point, quotation mark, brackets, parenthesis, braces, and ellipses.   

8. The only vegetable or fruit never sold frozen, canned, processed,
cooked, or in any other form but fresh: Lettuce.

9. Six or more things you can wear on your feet beginning with 'S':
Shoes, socks, sandals, sneakers, slippers, skis, skates, snowshoes,
stockings, stilts.

PLEASE DO YOUR PART... Today is National Mental Health Day. You can do
your part by remembering to send this e-mail to at least one person.

Well, my job's done!
Just don't send it back to me.  I've already flunked it once!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Woman and a Fork

With grateful thanks to a special friend who sent this to me and hugs for all !

Woman and a Fork

There was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been given three months to live. So as she was getting her things 'in order,' she contacted her Pastor and had him come to her house to discuss certain aspects of her final wishes.

She told him which songs she wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she would like read, and what outfit she wanted to be buried in.

Everything was in order and the Pastor was preparing to leave when the young woman suddenly remembered something very important to her.

'There's one more thing,' she said excitedly..

'What's that?' came the Pastor's reply.

'This is very important,' the young woman continued. 'I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand.' 

The Pastor stood looking at the young woman, not knowing Quite what to say.

That surprises you, doesn't it?' the young woman asked.

'Well, to be honest, I'm puzzled by the request,' said the Pastor.

The young woman explained. 'My grandmother once told me this story, and from that time on I have always tried to pass along its message to those I love and those who are in need of encouragement. In all my years of attending socials and dinners, I always remember that when the dishes of the main course were being cleared, someone would inevitably lean over and say, 'Keep your fork.' It was my favorite part because I knew that something better was velvety chocolate cake or deep-dish apple pie. Something wonderful, and with substance!'

So, I just want people to see me there in that casket with a fork in my hand and I want them to wonder 'What's with the fork?' Then I want you to tell them: 'Keep your fork ..the best is yet to come.'

The Pastor's eyes welled up with tears of joy as he hugged the young woman good-bye. He knew this would be one of the last times he would see her before her death. But he also knew that the young woman had a better grasp of heaven than he did. She had a better grasp of what heaven would be like than many people twice her age, with twice as much experience and knowledge. She KNEW that something better was coming.

At the funeral people were walking by the young woman's casket and they saw the cloak she was wearing and the fork placed in her right hand.. Over and over, the Pastor heard the question, 'What's with the fork?' And over and over he smiled. 

During his message, the Pastor told the people of the conversation he had with the young woman shortly before she died. He also told them about the fork and about what it symbolized to her. He told the people how he could not stop thinking about the fork and told them that they probably would not be able to stop thinking about it either.

He was right. So the next time you reach down for your fork let it remind you, ever so gently, that the best is yet to come. Friends are a very rare jewel   , indeed. They make you smile and encourage you to succeed Cherish the time you have, and the memories you share  ....
Being friends with someone is not an opportunity, but a sweet responsibility.

Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND...and I'll bet this will be an  Email they do remember, every time they pick up a fork!

And  just remember...keep your fork!

And have an awesome day!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The great two letter word?

Think about it. The 2-letter word 'UP'
Read until the' ll laugh....
This two-letter word in English has more meanings than any other two-letter word, and that word is 'UP.' It is listed in the dictionary as an [adv], [prep], [adj], [n] or [v].
It's easy to understand UP, meaning toward the sky or at the top of the list, but when we awaken in the morning,
why do we wake UP?
At a meeting, why does a topic come UP?
Why do we speak UP, and why are the officers UP for election and why is it UP to the secretary to write UP a report?
We call UP our friends, brighten UP a room, polish UP the silver, warm UP the leftovers and clean UP the kitchen.
We lock UP the house and fix UP the old car.
At other times this little word has real special meaning.
People stir UP trouble, line UP for tickets, work UP an appetite, and think UP excuses.
To be dressed is one thing but to be dressed UP is special.
And this UP is confusing: A drain must be opened UP because it is stopped UP.
We open UP a store in the morning but we close it UP atnight. We seem to be pretty mixed UP about UP!
To be knowledgeable about the proper uses of UP, look UP the word UP in the dictionary.
In a desk-sized dictionary, it takes UP almost 1/4 of the page and can add UP to about thirty definitions.
If you are UP to it, you might try building UP a list of the many ways UP is used.
It will take UP a lot of your time, but if you don't give UP, you may end UP or wind UP with a hundred or more.
When it threatens to rain, we say it is clouding UP .
When the sun comes out we say it is clearing UP.
When it rains, it soaks UP the earth.
When it does not rain for awhile, things dry UP.
One could go on & on, but I'll wrap it UP, for now ........ my time is UP ! more thing:
What is the first thing you do in the morning & the last thing you do at night?
U P!
Did that one crack you UP?
Don't screw UP. Send this on to everyone you look UP in your address book..or's UP to you.
Don't forget when your angry at someone it's UP Yours!!!!!
Now I'll shut UP!
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Nice optical illusions

Friday, October 29, 2010

What see you, eh?

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is the glass half empty or half full?


Is the glass half empty or half full?

by Tanner M.

Answering that psychological question can tell a lot about a person's life destiny.

While I do find myself in a pessimistic mood sometimes, I am usually on the glass half full side, or the optimist.

Why do I think that? Because if I believe that the glass is half full, then to me IT IS half full. Think about it.

Defining The Glass

Here is how I define the glass based on both sides.

Scenario 1 – Half Empty Mentality

If you run into a negative situation in life, all you can think about is the negative outcomes, how it affected you negatively and how it will make your life worse in the future, then most likely the glass is half empty.

For example, you total your car in a car crash. You or the other driver made a mistake. You start flipping out about how much the other driving is an idiot or you continue to put yourself down for causing the wreck. You continue to upset and stress yourself days after the car crash because you constantly focus on the negatives such as "oh god I can't get to work."

Get your blood pressure checked!

Scenario 2 – Half Full Mentality

You run into a negative situation, it impacts your life negatively for the moment, however you do not dwell on the negativity that has been forced upon you. Not only that, but you focus on what went right, learn from the mistake (if there was one), and find all the positives that might come out of this negative situation.

For example, you total your car in a car crash. You or the other driver made a mistake, however you do not dwell on the mistake, you learn and move on. Instead of constantly thinking of how it is going to be so hard to get around town, you instead think of the extra time you will get to spend with whoever might be taxiing you around. Maybe you think of how much you might save in gas from taking public transportation until you get a new car.

The point is, you focus on how you can turn negative situations into positive situations.

Zen & The Art of Happiness

The awesome thing is you can develop the glass half full mentality with disciplined thought and increased awareness of your emotions.

Check out Zen And the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss for a nice resource on how to achieve the glass half full mentality and watch your blood pressure points decline!

What do you think? Is that crazy thinking? Is your glass half empty or half full? If its half full then lets hang out!

Monday, October 25, 2010

LFL - Seattle Vs. San Diego Game Highlights

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ECGMA says: That's it! This is my new favorite game/sport to mean watch!
LFL = Lingerie Football League

Halal Slaughter - The Disgusting Reality

Would this also apply to kosher food ?
The BNP's North West Regional Press Officer Derek Adams has released a video which shows in graphic detail the process behind 'halal ritual slaughter' and shows why this barbaric Islamic method of killing animals needs to be outlawed.

In the video, Mr Adams describes exactly how the ritual slaughter process is carried out, comparing it to the humane stunning method which is the civilised way of the West.
Mr Adams ends the video with an appeal for consumers to boycott the major stores which are using halal meat without the public's knowledge or consent.

Please click on the link below to view the video in question, and to join in the Operation Fightback campaign against the British supermarkets that are selling halal products:

- Click Here to View the Shocking Halal Slaughter Video

Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

Cheap Korean and Malaysian cars?! (Top Gear) HQ

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Part 1.
At this time - Top Gear quest - Find a 'pearl' among a collection of cars from the Pacific Rim. Is it real? Is there good Korean car, or all of them are rubbish? Let's see!

Part 2.
At this time - Top Gear quest - Find a 'pearl' among a collection of cars from the Pacific Rim. Is it real? Is there good Korean car, or all of them are rubbish? Let's see!

Top Gear - Maybach 62

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Maybach Exelero

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Carsten van Ryssen die sieben Todsünden.
Kann Autofahren Sünde sein?
Das beantwortet Carsten van Ryssen in seinem D MOTOR DMAX Beitrag über einen Maybach Exelero.