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Monday, September 26, 2011

Husband's eBay revenge after finding out about wife's infidelity

Husband sells wife s sat nav over infidelity
A husband has posted his wife's satellite navigation system on eBay after he noticed regular trips on it were to her lover's house.
However instead of simply adding the sat nav and selling it, Dave200661 is using the listing to tell all and sundry about his wife's affair.
He starts by saying "This was my wife's, may her knicker draw be infested with the fleas of a thousand Camels..."
He then goes on to describe the sat nav, but soon returns to explaining the story of why he's selling it.
"I bought this for the back-stabbing harlot, some four or five years ago, before she met Nigel with the Little Penis, and it cost me over £400...
"As bless her cheating little heart, she gets lost driving out of the street...perhaps without this she would never have found the way to Nigels door, nor perhaps his stain riddled bed..."
He then explains how he found out about this wife's affair. He had been tinkering with the navigation system when he realised all her journeys out had been to 'Nigel's' house. So 'like any normal human', he reprogrammed Nigel's address on the TomTom Go 700 to one in a town far away.
His wife didn't realise anything was amiss when she started driving the wrong way to her lover's house. She assumed something was wrong with the GPS, and asked her husband to help fix it.
According to Dave: "She then tried to act all innocent and lying through her cherry red venemous (sic) snake lips, asked if I could sort out her beloved TomTom as something was terribly wrong with it: when she used it to drive to her sisters it took her along the M4."
At that point, all was revealed and his wife "decided her future lies in the squallor (sic) of Nigel's cockroach infested hovell (sic)."
It seems Dave's plight has struck a chord with eBay users with over 600,000 views. There have also been hundreds of bids, although at one point, bidding was up to £10,000,000 which didn't make Dave very happy.
"Ignore the rediculous (sic) bids everyone it's just the few who want to ruin it for the rest..."
"eBay will still charge commission on the sale and I'll have to claim to get it back."
Thousands of people wrote to him, many sharing similar stories, such as: "My cheating scumbag of a husband has done something equally as heinous and I wish with all my heart I could be as humourous as you are about it."
Another user wrote: "I don't need or want the satnav but would gladly buy you a pint."
Instead of accepting money, Dave asked them to donate to charities such as Cancer Research UK.

He also certainly seems grateful for the support.
"Well what can I say !!!!! Thank you all doesn't even come close...."

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