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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1Utama shopping complex carpark robbery victim

Robbery at 1U carpark...again!!!

This incident happened on 16/7/2012 night around 10pm at 1Utama Shopping Center, old wing LG floor car park. An old man was punched and robbed by a malay guy. There were no security guards around at all at the time of the incident. When the security guards were alerted and arrived at the scene, the guards tried to stop some witnesses from taking photographs in order to cover up the incident.
When a witness rang 999, the caller was scolded by the police, "eh! cakap melayu, cakap melayu..." ie. "eh! speak malay, speak malay". We have police personnel who can't speak let alone understand English! It took almost half an hour for the police to arrive at the crime scene. There is a police station at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail which is right opposite and across the highway from 1Utama, with sirens screaming would have taken them at least 10 minutes or so to rush over. Why did it take the police so long? This country has or is going to the dogs!

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