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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Interrobang story

"Come on, let's have interpunct," said John.

"I can't. I have a period," Mary replied.

John then said, "I ampersand it's an apostrophe but we can still underscore."

"My parenthesis will hear us. We cannot asterisk," said Mary with a worried look.

"We can do silent strokes," John countered.

Mary stammered, "…But my hyphen is intact."

Surprised, John asked, "Oh, you are a virgule? I can insert in the colon."

"Dash it, you umlaut!" Mary said indignantly. "Is six all you can think about?"

"No, sometimes I think of punctuating," John replied.

Finally, after some deft maneuvering, John managed to take off Mary's bracket and underline.  

"Gosh! You have lovely ellipsis!" John gasped with admiration.

He moved his solidus in and out of her spacing until they both let off exclamations.

"Did you comma?" John asked Mary as he lay by her side, spent of bullet points.

And that was the end of the interrobang story.

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