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Monday, October 22, 2012

Tourist threat on fake sign goes viral

Date: Monday 22nd October 2012 |

Tourist threat on fake sign goes viral

THE Carpentaria Land Council has distanced itself from an offensive poster being circulated on the internet that uses obscene and threatening language to stop overfishing by tourists in waters around the Gulf Country outpost of Burketown.
The poster, which uses explicit language, makes it clear that people who overfish or take undersized fish could be killed and cut up and used as crab bait.
Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation CEO Helen Tait said the image had been posted on a Facebook page without the knowledge or consent of the management or staff of the land council.
The land council posted a disclaimer on its web site saying, in part, the CLCAC "did not in any way endorse in any whatsoever the contents or the message contained in the image".
Ms Tait said she understood that the offensive image had gone viral on the internet.
"It's gone around the world, we understand. It is very unfortunate," she said.
Burketown locals said the sign was not in evidence anywhere in or near the town and that it appeared to exist only as a photo on the internet.
Whoever took the photo and started its distribution has been careful not to show any background that might give away location or a person's identity.
Whoever worded the poster is well-versed on the make-up of the CLCAC and has used the Gangalidda & Garawa Ranger Unit's title as a subheading near the top of the notice.
The Gangalidda & Garawa Ranger Unit is based in Burketown and is responsible for looking after "traditional" country between the Leichhardt River and Northern Territory border.
The notice uses swear-words as part of its tirade aimed at stopping tourists from overfishing and taking undersized fish.
"We don't come to your town and buy every f---ing piece of chicken at your KFC so don't come here thinking our barramundi and cherabin (prawns) are like an endless f---ing packet of Tim Tams. So have some respect and consideration c--- or you will end up as bait in a locals (sic) crab trap."
STRONG WORDS: A censored version of the sign posted on the internet

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