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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wal-Mart - Another one!!

It's hard to believe they've gotten WORSE!!!!!!
I'm pissed and I have a scooter.

Poka …what?


Pants on the ground

I guess I won't complain about plumbers anymore


A little more material….please!


I've got no words.


Poor   Tweety




If this was Texas …then I bet they were done in 20 minutes or less.


Let it go back to the wild….please.   run   kitty….run…..


No words for this.

Well, at first I thought it was a porta-potty and she was about to empty it?



What the……

Well, he just fetchin some of the goodies he stole from da sto



By golly she is still in a size 4…..and she   aint   lying.

What the hell is wrong with these people?



And she stops by   walmarts
  before going to ballet.
Nice tutu



He could have at least color coordinated.


It's the devils wife…. i   just know it.

No, "it" is just a high class hooker.



Horder ?


I have no idea?

I'm sure he smells as good as he looks.

Love those hair extensions!



At least his hat and purse match.

What about the beard?



Where   are my clippers….lets   just finish this please.


Is that pink   underware ???   Or a crease in his stomach?


Just resting the girls?


A wolf is attaching this   poor   lady….or man???


Some shorts are just too tan….that is shorts right???

I don't think soooooooo.



Moma …. i   gotta   borrow your moo   moo   and shoes if you want a snack.


Lets   do some tucking in next time…shall we.


I think that's two different boots.


That whole outfit is why she in on the wine

Honey… walmarts   is out of razors again.


Is that a rainbow snow cone on her head?


Uumm …
ewww ?

Cant   wait to see what he pulls out.

Oh, he's probably just going to smell his hand.



Nun meets cross dressing devil woman needing new shoes?

If that's a nun, she has a tail to tell.




I don't know, I thought he was the best dressed I've seen so far.





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